Our patients and volunteers touch our hearts with their kind words.

I came to visit the Clinic a month ago fresh out of prison with nothing & I have diabetes. Liz and all of the volunteers had open arms & welcomed me with much love & God’s grace. In one month my blood sugar numbers have dramatically decreased & are now starting to be in check again. I owe so much gratitude to Liz & all the volunteers who have helped me with my disease. I encourage all patrons who visit here to give the love in return as they show all of us. This is truly the power of God!

Thank You all & God Bless.

Liz, just wanted to write a few lines to Thank You for all you and your staff do for the community of Round Rock. The clinic provides a great service for a lot of people in need of health services. I have personally witness this service first hand. I hope the community will continue to support your clinic so that you can continue to provide this service. Thank you very much!

A distraught patient—a medical student is seeing her. The student tells me later, the mood in room was not being therapeutic, so we just stopped….and we prayed!

Speaking with a patient from another country…a parent living here now with their child…she opens her wallet to show me her identification…the first thing I see…is a picture of “The Good Shepherd”. Even though she could we could not understand each others languages….we understood Jesus Christ, how we are of the same family! She had the biggest smile.

Our resident MD, leads our opening clinic prayer…at spur of moment, I asked her to do this…and she took it on…and did great. The witness she gave to the other volunteers at this moment was powerful.


I have been to SHCC twice in the last year for myself and have come a few times with my husband. The volunteers, nurses, doctors and physicians assistants have been amazing! They not only treated me with dignity, grace and caring, but every person who comes through their door they treat the same way. It is already very hard when you are going through a rough time be it financial or physical to reach out for such services, but I truly feel that they are doing God’s work and I am eternally grateful for it. Keep up the caring, respectful work and ministry you are doing. It is a great, great service to the community and you are making a difference! Thank you!


I was so touched with how nice and wonderful everyone was. I have had insurance for many years and now I am in school full time and could not afford insurance. Having no insurance and not knowing what to do because you know you need to see a doctor is scary. I came seeking help and I cannot say thank you enough. Financially I am at a low point in my life but once this storm passes I plan to return and volunteer. Again thank you so much it truly is a blessing. God Bless You



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